• Program Questions

10 course units (minimum) are required for the Master’s of Science and Engineering (MSE) degree in Data Science. For more information on the requirements of the MSE degree in Data Science, click here.
To find SEAS information/criteria regarding the Accelerated Masters, click here. To find DATS Accelerated Masters program requirements click here.
Yes, it is an option. To get SEAS information/criteria regarding dual degree, click here. For DATS program requirements, click here.
Transfer requests can occur only after end of 1st semester at Penn, but no later than the add/drop deadline of 3rd semester.
For information regarding transfer credit, click here. The time it takes a student to complete the degree depends on the number of relevant courses taken and is decided on a case-by-case basis for admitted students. A list of the relevant courses can be found on the program of study page. The page will be updated as new courses are found.
Yes. An accepted transfer student can decide to go back to their original program if they are selected for the Data Science Program but realize it will take longer than expected.However, their original program has to accept them back and there are times that a student could be denied. It would be up to the other program if they want to be accepted back.
It is strongly suggested that applicants have completed at least two of the courses listed in the Background, Core, and/or Depth areas with an A- or higher grade. Backgrounds in technical, engineering, or informatics disciplines will also be favored.
We strongly discourage students from pursuing these double majors due to the large overlap between the programs.
CIS 545 Big Data Analytics was specifically developed for the Data Science Program. A number of machine learning and data science courses are also being developed across campus.
Through a matching process, highly proficient students will have the opportunity to participate in Data Science projects proposed from across campus, particularly through the various institutes and centers that Penn offers.  Students should have taken at least one elective course in the target application domain before embarking on the project. The student will be mentored jointly by the Program Director and by an advisor in the area of the project. For more details, click here.
The expectation is that it will take two consecutive semesters to complete the Thesis/Practicum. However, it is also possible to do a one-semester practicum as the “depth” of a course in one of the buckets.
It is recommended to matriculate in the Fall semester.
Yes, the MSE degree in Data Science is a STEM degree.
Yes, for students interested in Data Science (MSE-DS) Online, please go here.

• International Students

If you are admitted, you will be emailed the information and web address for beginning the I-20 application process. Please allow one week from the date of acceptance to submit the I-20 application to ensure your record is in the system. Admitted students should address all matters related to the I-20 process with the University's International Students and Scholars Services Office.