The program targets students who have strong mathematical and statistical proficiency, and some programming experience.  Strong candidates will come from computational or statistical backgrounds, or from application areas but have strong backgrounds in technology and data analysis.

Interested applicants from outside Penn should apply via the School of Engineering’s Graduate Admissions site.

The MSE in Data Science general admissions for the 2019-2020 academic year is now closed and we are no longer accepting applications.

Applicants interested in a dual degree, transfer or submatriculation should fill in the electronic form available here

Before applying to transfer or submatriculate, please have (1) your latest resume or CV, (2) your academic transcript. You will also be expected to write a short statement of purpose.

For applications submitted by mid-August, please expect a response by the end of August. For applications submitted by mid-December, please expect a response by the end of December.

The deadline for applying for submatriculation is before the beginning of the fall semester of the student’s Senior Year. The deadline to apply for dual degree and transfer is before the beginning of fall semester.