As of Fall 2017, the MSE in Data Science is a new program that is in “limited launch.” For the 2017-2018 year, we will only be admitting transfer students and submatriculants, from within the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) at Penn.

Expected Qualifications

During the limited launch, we focus on SEAS students who have strong backgrounds suitable for the study of data science. Qualified applicants are expected to have the following:

    • A GPA of 3.4 or higher in the past year.
    • Demonstrated proficiency and background in mathematical foundations, including probability, statistics, optimization, and/or mathematical modeling. Linear algebra is preferred.
    • Demonstrated background in programming in Python, Java, R, Matlab, or equivalent.

It is strongly suggested that applicants have completed at least two of the courses listed in the Background, Core, and/or Depth areas with an A- or higher grade. Backgrounds in technical, engineering, or informatics disciplines will also be favored.

Applying to the Degree Program

Before applying to transfer or submatriculate, please have (1) your latest resume or CV, (2) your academic transcript. You will also be expected to write a short statement of purpose.

The electronic application form is available here

We are accepting applications for Spring 2018. These are due by December 14, 2017, and they will consider your grades for the Fall 2017 semester. Thus decisions will not be made until after Fall grades have been posted, and you will hear back in January 2018.